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What is Industrial Gear and Rack?

Gear racks are used to change circular motion into straight-line motion. A gear rack consists of straight teeth carved into one side of a square or round rod, and it works together with a pinion. The pinion is a small cylindrical gear that meshes with the gear rack. In general, the combination of gear rack and pinion is referred to as "rack and pinion." There are various applications for using gears.

We are confident in providing you with high-quality gear and racks. CTS® distinguishes itself from other distributors by offering products at highly competitive prices and providing expert customer service with rapid response. For more information or to receive a product quote, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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Gears and Racks FAQ

What is the function of the rack and pinion gear?
The rack and pinion gear set serves two primary functions: Firstly, it converts the rotational motion of the steering wheel into the linear motion required for the vehicle's wheels to turn. Secondly, it reduces gears, thereby facilitating easier steering wheel manipulation for turning the wheels.
What are the different types of rack and pinion?
Rack and Pinion systems are typically categorized into two main types: Straight and Helical. Straight Teeth Racks are commonly employed in general applications with standard speeds, whereas helical racks are preferred for more precise applications that involve higher speeds and heavier loads.
What is the disadvantage of Rack and pinion?
While rack-and-pinion drives offer numerous benefits, they also come with drawbacks. For instance, excessive spacing between pinion and rack teeth results in backlash, reducing precision. Furthermore, misaligned mounting risks damaging gearbox bearings, resulting in increased motor currents, noise, and potential failures. To mitigate these issues, it's crucial to maintain proper spacing between the pinion and rack, and ensure the rack is mounted flat and perpendicular to the gearbox, ideally within a tolerance of about 25 µm.

About CTS® Gear and Racks

Professional Gear and Rack supplier

CTS® is an industry-professional Gear and Rack supplier with excellent customer service. We take our products and customers seriously, combining high-quality products and professional services to provide our customers with the Gear and Rack that best suits their applications. We supply Gear and Rack to all over the world!

Your trusted partner in Custom Gear and Rack Manufacturing

At CTS®, we are more than just a manufacturer and supplier; we are your partner on the road to success. Our commitment to providing the best custom Gear and Rack solutions for your industry continues to grow with each passing day. As we continue to expand our facilities and manufacturing activities, we are committed to setting new standards in the Gear and Rack industry. Join us on this journey of technology and innovation.

Contact us today to learn how CTS® can provide you with a perfectly customized industrial Gear and Rack that fits the unique needs of your industry.

CTS's Commitment

High-quality materials and manufacturing:

We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction as our differentiators.

Pursuit of perfection:

We strive to be the “best” in all our actions.

Customer-centric approach:

We value our customers’ needs and treat them as our roadmap.

Continuous Innovation:

Research and development are core values for our growth and success.

Global Vision:

Transmit Force, Drive Future. We aspire to become a globally renowned company that drives a more sustainable future with high-quality industrial transmission products.

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